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First Year of Life project - Ottawa Family photographer

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am in love with this long and exciting project that lasted 12 first month of our boy's life!
Every month, on his birthday, we shot and picked one photo during the first year, working out ideas for each shot and finally made a tree of life where branches represent a single photo from the month. Now I can clearly see how my little one has grown and changed during the year and how our idea worked out and looks amazing on the wall. Such great memories!

20170301-5D3_277620170301-5D3_2776 20170301-5D3_276720170301-5D3_2767


Closer look to the photos!

20150325-5D3_541820150325-5D3_5418 20150425-5D3_569620150425-5D3_5696 20150525-5D3_997020150525-5D3_9970 20150625-5D3_2736-Edit20150625-5D3_2736-Edit 20150725-5D3_504520150725-5D3_5045 20150825-5D3_172120150825-5D3_1721 20150925-5DM3069320150925-5DM30693 20151025-5D3_293020151025-5D3_2930 20151125-5D3_928620151125-5D3_9286 20151225-5D3_063120151225-5D3_0631 20160125-5D3_284220160125-5D3_2842 20160225-5D3_692820160225-5D3_6928



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