Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography: Blog en-us (C) Exclusive Moment Photography (Ottawa) (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:44:00 GMT Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:44:00 GMT Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography: Blog 120 96 Camping at Algonquin Park I do not post about my life here very often, but this time I would love to share it with everyone :)

We have visited Algonquin park for the very first time! We wanted to go there for years but always had something else. I have to say this place is fantastic, and even that we seen very little of it in 4 days, I was amazed. Canadian nature inspires me a lot.

We have stayed at the Mew Lake Campground for 4 days. It was very relaxing time with my family. I was up every sunrise and had time to myself and to explore the surroundings. 

Here are few memories from a fantastic place Algonquin park!

20180608-5D3_858820180608-5D3_8588 20180608-5D3_860320180608-5D3_8603 20180608-5D3_860720180608-5D3_8607 20180608-5D3_862020180608-5D3_8620 20180608-5D3_860920180608-5D3_8609 20180608-5D3_866420180608-5D3_8664 20180608-5D3_867220180608-5D3_8672 20180608-5D3_867620180608-5D3_8676 20180609-5D3_869920180609-5D3_8699 20180609-5D3_870120180609-5D3_8701 20180609-5D3_872820180609-5D3_8728 20180609-5D3_8740_HDR20180609-5D3_8740_HDR 20180609-5D3_874620180609-5D3_8746 20180609-5D3_878120180609-5D3_8781 20180609-5D3_879020180609-5D3_8790 20180609-5D3_885720180609-5D3_8857 20180610-5D3_8861_HDR20180610-5D3_8861_HDR 20180610-5D3_887420180610-5D3_8874 20180610-5D3_889520180610-5D3_8895 20180610-5D3_890320180610-5D3_8903 20180610-5D3_891320180610-5D3_8913

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) algonquin lookout trail algonquin park cache lake camping canada commercial photographer lake of two rivers mew lake milky way moose ontario ontario tourism ottawa photo photographer photography professional photographers stars summer sunrise tent camping Wed, 13 Jun 2018 13:57:57 GMT
Spring Engagement Sessions Can't wait till this time of the year and all coming engagement sessions :)

5D3_84255D3_8425 5D3_94705D3_9470 5D3_80915D3_8091 5D3_99435D3_9943 5D3_79385D3_7938 20150517-5D3_853220150517-5D3_8532 5D3_86235D3_8623 5D3_8717-Edit5D3_8717-Edit 5D3_85605D3_8560 5D3_86025D3_8602

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) commercial photographer engagement experimental farm love love story ottawa ottawa photographer photo photographer photography photoshoot portraits portrature professional photographers spring wedding Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:02:59 GMT
Spring Minis Coming soon - Ottawa Family photography Can't wait for spring! It will bring sun, colours and lots of new sessions :)

Don't miss, booking for spring mini session opening soon

5D3_93895D3_9389 5D3_87375D3_8737 5D3_01605D3_0160 5D3_95995D3_9599 5D3_88605D3_8860 5D3_9531-Edit5D3_9531-Edit 5D3_9317-Edit5D3_9317-Edit 5D3_95365D3_9536

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) canada commercial photographer family kids ottawa photo photographer photography photoshoot portraits portrature professional photographers spring spring minis Fri, 16 Mar 2018 15:28:50 GMT
Beautiful mama to be - Ottawa Maternity Photography 5D3_8342-Edit-Edit-25D3_8342-Edit-Edit-2

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) blog canada commercial photographer love mama to be maternity ottawa photo photographer photography portraits professional photographers winter Thu, 15 Mar 2018 16:49:14 GMT
Newborn and Family in home session - Ottawa family photography Little Emma slept like an angel through the session :)

20180126-5D3_777220180126-5D3_7772 20180126-5D3_772320180126-5D3_7723 20180126-5D3_773220180126-5D3_7732 20180126-5D3_775620180126-5D3_7756 20180126-5D3_7794-Edit20180126-5D3_7794-Edit 20180126-5D3_7799-Edit20180126-5D3_7799-Edit 20180126-5D3_7836-Edit20180126-5D3_7836-Edit 20180126-5D3_7881-Edit-220180126-5D3_7881-Edit-2


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Wedding Palace Bridal Show I'm exhibiting at Wedding Palace Bridal show. If you know someone planning a wedding share this as I have free tickets!

Pumped to meet new people :)

Come over and say hi! We are at the booth 231

WPBS - 2018 Winter Show - Magazine AdWPBS - 2018 Winter Show - Magazine Ad


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Some of my favorit moments in 2017 2017 was great year, I was lucky to capture some memories for so many beautiful families. From newborn to just seasonal family portraits.

Can't wait to see what new year will bring:)

20170122-5D3_057620170122-5D3_0576 20170207-5D3_1183-Edit20170207-5D3_1183-Edit 20170207-5D3_122820170207-5D3_1228 20170218-5D3_165120170218-5D3_1651 20170218-5D3_192320170218-5D3_1923 20170414-5D3_662920170414-5D3_6629 20170516-5D3_8422-Edit20170516-5D3_8422-Edit 20170519-5D3_860320170519-5D3_8603 20170519-5D3_874120170519-5D3_8741 20170519-5D3_931720170519-5D3_9317 20170520-5D3_947620170520-5D3_9476 20170520-5D3_953620170520-5D3_9536 20170520-5D3_959920170520-5D3_9599 20170523-5D3_016020170523-5D3_0160 20170523-5D3_026720170523-5D3_0267 20170523-5D3_032820170523-5D3_0328 20170524-5D3_210020170524-5D3_2100 20170528-5D3_2178-Edit20170528-5D3_2178-Edit 20170619-5D3_524020170619-5D3_5240 20170624-5D3_622620170624-5D3_6226 20170624-5D3_649420170624-5D3_6494 20170722-5D3_896820170722-5D3_8968 20170722-5D3_898820170722-5D3_8988 20170814-5D3_037020170814-5D3_0370 20170820-5D3_3970-Edit20170820-5D3_3970-Edit 20170820-5D3_414120170820-5D3_4141 20170820-5D3_457820170820-5D3_4578 20170826-5D3_5207-Edit-Edit20170826-5D3_5207-Edit-Edit 20170924-5D3_808620170924-5D3_8086 20171006-5D3_868420171006-5D3_8684 20171021-5D3_007320171021-5D3_0073 20171021-5D3_939920171021-5D3_9399 20171021-5D3_9777-Edit20171021-5D3_9777-Edit 20171022-5D3_013020171022-5D3_0130 20171022-5D3_0469-Edit20171022-5D3_0469-Edit 20171022-5D3_079420171022-5D3_0794 20171022-5D3_093120171022-5D3_0931 20171022-5D3_099320171022-5D3_0993 20171022-5D3_128520171022-5D3_1285 20171025-5D3_133520171025-5D3_1335 20171029-5D3_2754-Edit20171029-5D3_2754-Edit 20171111-5D3_339620171111-5D3_3396 20171111-5D3_358020171111-5D3_3580 20171111-5D3_359820171111-5D3_3598 20171125-5D3_4167-Edit20171125-5D3_4167-Edit 20171125-5D3_421120171125-5D3_4211 20171126-5D3_5348-Edit20171126-5D3_5348-Edit 20171126-5D3_536720171126-5D3_5367 20171126-5D3_5550-Edit20171126-5D3_5550-Edit 20171126-5D3_577020171126-5D3_5770 20171126-5D3_632420171126-5D3_6324 20171128-5D3_636420171128-5D3_6364 20171128-5D3_641420171128-5D3_6414

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) family family session mini session newborn photography ottawa photo photographer photography photoshoot portraits professional photographers Fri, 05 Jan 2018 14:02:47 GMT
Spring Family session in Ottawa Can't wait for my spring family sessions in Ottawa!
Make sure to contact us and book your spot before it's too late.

20140524-5D3_630220140524-5D3_6302 20140524-5D3_635520140524-5D3_6355 20140524-5D3_636920140524-5D3_6369 20140524-5D3_626820140524-5D3_6268

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography family love photoshoot professional photographers spring Wed, 12 Apr 2017 18:59:17 GMT
First Year of Life project - Ottawa Family photographer I am in love with this long and exciting project that lasted 12 first month of our boy's life!
Every month, on his birthday, we shot and picked one photo during the first year, working out ideas for each shot and finally made a tree of life where branches represent a single photo from the month. Now I can clearly see how my little one has grown and changed during the year and how our idea worked out and looks amazing on the wall. Such great memories!

20170301-5D3_277620170301-5D3_2776 20170301-5D3_276720170301-5D3_2767


Closer look to the photos!

20150325-5D3_541820150325-5D3_5418 20150425-5D3_569620150425-5D3_5696 20150525-5D3_997020150525-5D3_9970 20150625-5D3_2736-Edit20150625-5D3_2736-Edit 20150725-5D3_504520150725-5D3_5045 20150825-5D3_172120150825-5D3_1721 20150925-5DM3069320150925-5DM30693 20151025-5D3_293020151025-5D3_2930 20151125-5D3_928620151125-5D3_9286 20151225-5D3_063120151225-5D3_0631 20160125-5D3_284220160125-5D3_2842 20160225-5D3_692820160225-5D3_6928


]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Commercial photographer Ottawa Photographer Photography baby family family photographer first year ottawa professional photographers Thu, 02 Mar 2017 01:14:00 GMT
Michelle and Deon Elopement Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer Michelle and Deon traveled all the way from Toronto. They have planned very intimate elopement wedding. I was super lucky to be part of this day!

Their ceremony was held at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa following hike and photo-session at the Gatineau Park :)

After we had quick stop at the Parliament Hill and super fancy dinner at ARC Hotel.

Please enjoy some memories from this amazing day!

IMG_5042IMG_5042 5D3_84365D3_8436 5D3_84255D3_8425 5D3_84465D3_8446 5D3_85605D3_8560 5D3_86445D3_8644 5D3_87165D3_8716 5D3_88415D3_8841 IMG_5262IMG_5262 IMG_5277IMG_5277 5D3_88465D3_8846 5D3_91455D3_9145 5D3_94135D3_9413 5D3_90545D3_9054 5D3_89525D3_8952 5D3_89755D3_8975 IMG_5347IMG_5347 5D3_90095D3_9009 IMG_5355IMG_5355 5D3_90665D3_9066 5D3_9101-Edit5D3_9101-Edit 5D3_91605D3_9160 5D3_91885D3_9188 5D3_91285D3_9128 5D3_91955D3_9195 5D3_92455D3_9245 5D3_93155D3_9315 5D3_93365D3_9336 5D3_92265D3_9226 5D3_93475D3_9347 5D3_93675D3_9367 5D3_94265D3_9426 5D3_95115D3_9511 5D3_95305D3_9530 5D3_95595D3_9559 5D3_95695D3_9569 5D3_96795D3_9679 UntitledUntitled

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Canada Commercial photographer Gatineau Park Ottawa Parks Parliament Hill Photographer Photography Photoshoot arcthehotel bride hotel love ontario portraits portrature professional photographers quebec wedding wedding photography Wed, 01 Feb 2017 02:44:14 GMT
Amanda and Corie Sala San Marco Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer We had pleasure to capture this amazing wedding back in the spring.

The ceremony was at St Anthony's Catholic church and reception at Sala San Marco in Ottawa. Here are few moments from this super fun day!

20170118-Untitled20170118-Untitled 20160528-5D3_380620160528-5D3_3806 20160528-5D3_389620160528-5D3_3896 20160528-5D3_407820160528-5D3_4078 20160528-5D3_410520160528-5D3_4105 20160528-5D3_350820160528-5D3_3508 20160528-5D3_363720160528-5D3_3637 20160528-5D3_351320160528-5D3_3513 20160528-IMG_395720160528-IMG_3957 20160528-IMG_396820160528-IMG_3968 20160528-IMG_398720160528-IMG_3987 20160528-5D3_438520160528-5D3_4385 20160528-5D3_453220160528-5D3_4532 20160528-5D3_456620160528-5D3_4566 20160528-5D3_4618-Edit20160528-5D3_4618-Edit 20160528-5D3_464420160528-5D3_4644 20160528-5D3_467720160528-5D3_4677 20160528-5D3_476520160528-5D3_4765 20160528-5D3_484820160528-5D3_4848 20160528-5D3_489920160528-5D3_4899 20160528-5D3_492720160528-5D3_4927 20170118-Untitled120170118-Untitled1 20160528-5D3_501920160528-5D3_5019 20160528-5D3_535220160528-5D3_5352 20160528-5D3_523920160528-5D3_5239 20160528-5D3_527020160528-5D3_5270 20160528-5D3_536120160528-5D3_5361 20160528-5D3_536620160528-5D3_5366 20160528-5D3_551020160528-5D3_5510 20160528-5D3_551620160528-5D3_5516 20160528-5D3_552920160528-5D3_5529 20160528-5D3_554220160528-5D3_5542 20160528-IMG_419220160528-IMG_4192 20160528-5D3_519120160528-5D3_5191

20160528-5D3_555120160528-5D3_5551 20160528-5D3_559720160528-5D3_5597 20160528-5D3_571920160528-5D3_5719 20160528-5D3_573320160528-5D3_5733 20160528-5D3_573620160528-5D3_5736 20160528-5D3_575920160528-5D3_5759 20160528-5D3_578920160528-5D3_5789 20160528-5D3_579120160528-5D3_5791 20160528-5D3_544420160528-5D3_5444

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Canada Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography Photoshoot Picture bride groom love photographer portraits portrature professional photographers sala san marco spring wedding wedding wedding photography Thu, 19 Jan 2017 15:40:31 GMT
Jen and Mike Montego Bay and Britannia Yacht Club wedding I was so lucky to cover wedding celebrations for Jen and Mike! We spent wonderful week in Jamaica and after they had reception at the Britannia Yacht Club, Ottawa.

We where super lucky with weather for both The Caribbean and Ottawa photos :) 

Enjoy some images from both celebrations!

Collage01Collage01 5D3_89885D3_8988 5D3_89935D3_8993 5D3_90025D3_9002 5D3_90285D3_9028 5D3_90675D3_9067 5D3_90915D3_9091 5D3_91075D3_9107 5D3_91735D3_9173 5D3_91525D3_9152 5D3_92315D3_9231 5D3_92285D3_9228 5D3_92215D3_9221 IMG_3239IMG_3239 5D3_94015D3_9401 5D3_94595D3_9459 5D3_95715D3_9571 5D3_96015D3_9601 5D3_95815D3_9581 5D3_96755D3_9675 5D3_96895D3_9689 5D3_94175D3_9417 5D3_96995D3_9699 5D3_97145D3_9714 5D3_98075D3_9807 5D3_98865D3_9886 5D3_00855D3_0085 5D3_00295D3_0029 5D3_00795D3_0079 5D3_01035D3_0103 5D3_01975D3_0197 Collage2Collage2 IMG_3309IMG_3309 IMG_3317IMG_3317 5D3_93015D3_9301 5D3_92495D3_9249 5D3_92615D3_9261

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Ottawa Photo Photographer bride destination wedding jamaica love montego bay professional photographers wedding Sun, 08 May 2016 20:05:28 GMT
J and M Jamaica Wedding ]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Jamaica Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography Sun, 24 Apr 2016 16:04:41 GMT Elena and Kevin Fairmont Château Laurier Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer I was lucky to take part of this amazing day. Everything during this wedding was perfect. Elena and Kevin you are the best :)

Enjoy your life together!

5D3_30575D3_3057 5D3_31905D3_3190 5D3_32195D3_3219 IMG_2763IMG_2763 5D3_32995D3_3299 5D3_33475D3_3347 5D3_35845D3_3584 5D3_36705D3_3670 5D3_3745-Edit5D3_3745-Edit 5D3_42815D3_4281 5D3_43045D3_4304 5D3_38925D3_3892 5D3_39465D3_3946 5D3_39895D3_3989 5D3_40275D3_4027 5D3_41325D3_4132 5D3_45175D3_4517 5D3_45475D3_4547 5D3_51505D3_5150 5D3_52085D3_5208 5D3_46455D3_4645 5D3_46485D3_4648 5D3_46565D3_4656 5D3_46645D3_4664 5D3_46885D3_4688 5D3_47045D3_4704 5D3_48965D3_4896 IMG_3010IMG_3010 5D3_50385D3_5038 IMG_3054IMG_3054 IMG_3061IMG_3061 5D3_51175D3_5117 5D3_52195D3_5219

I love Ottawa's winter time :)

Wedding Ceremony and reception was at Fairmont Château Laurier

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Chateau Laurier Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography bride groom love ottawa professional photographers wedding wedding photography winter wedding Wed, 10 Feb 2016 03:54:11 GMT
Jerry Ghionis workshop - Ottawa Wedding Photographer It's been over year now, but I never posted about this amazing week! It was amazing experience :) I got so much information over this week, that I am still reading over over my notes and learning new tips.  Jerry and Melissa are great and hope to meet them again.

Met there some pretty amazing people, love to watch them do what love the most ;)

5D3_08115D3_0811 5D3_08285D3_0828 5D3_08215D3_0821 5D3_08065D3_0806 5D3_08245D3_0824 5D3_08335D3_0833 5D3_08425D3_0842 5D3_08435D3_0843 5D3_08465D3_0846 5D3_08555D3_0855 5D3_08715D3_0871 5D3_09195D3_0919 5D3_09255D3_0925 5D3_09285D3_0928 5D3_09455D3_0945

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Commercial photographer Photographer Photography professional photographers wedding photographer workshop Mon, 11 Jan 2016 17:21:36 GMT
S + J Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer Such a beautiful and emotional fall wedding. Love to work at Strathmere , Ottawa.

5D3_80905D3_8090 IMG_2001IMG_2001 5D3_81405D3_8140 5D3_81265D3_8126 IMG_2036IMG_2036 5D3_81995D3_8199 Collage1Collage1 5D3_82745D3_8274 5D3_83485D3_8348 5D3_79445D3_7944 IMG_1870IMG_1870 5D3_83655D3_8365 IMG_2092IMG_2092 5D3_84065D3_8406 5D3_84405D3_8440 IMG_2161IMG_2161 5D3_85605D3_8560 IMG_2176IMG_2176 5D3_85955D3_8595

5D3_86495D3_8649 5D3_86455D3_8645 5D3_86775D3_8677 IMG_2189IMG_2189 IMG_2204IMG_2204 5D3_87195D3_8719 5D3_88425D3_8842 5D3_88495D3_8849 IMG_2221IMG_2221 IMG_2265IMG_2265 5D3_88905D3_8890 5D3_90205D3_9020 5D3_89425D3_8942 5D3_89635D3_8963 IMG_2287IMG_2287 5D3_89925D3_8992 5D3_90325D3_9032 5D3_92385D3_9238 5D3_92575D3_9257 5D3_95175D3_9517 5D3_95375D3_9537 5D3_94335D3_9433 5D3_95705D3_9570 5D3_95745D3_9574 5D3_95935D3_9593 5D3_9612-Edit5D3_9612-Edit 5D3_96295D3_9629 5D3_96375D3_9637 5D3_96675D3_9667 5D3_96505D3_9650 5D3_92315D3_9231 Collage2Collage2 5D3_96815D3_9681 IMG_2445IMG_2445 5D3_96825D3_9682 5D3_97045D3_9704 5D3_97075D3_9707 5D3_97855D3_9785 5D3_97385D3_9738 Collage3Collage3 5D3_98215D3_9821 5D3_99265D3_9926 IMG_2477IMG_2477 5D3_99355D3_9935 5D3_99395D3_9939 5D3_00175D3_0017

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography bride fall groom love professional photographers wedding wedding photographers Tue, 22 Dec 2015 04:21:26 GMT
Nhien and Pat Engagement Photography - Confederation Park Ottawa - Rideau Canal Sweet couple with super cute dog is on the blog :)

5D3_93715D3_9371 5D3_9405-Edit5D3_9405-Edit 5D3_94705D3_9470 5D3_94195D3_9419 5D3_94295D3_9429 5D3_96355D3_9635 5D3_9549-Edit5D3_9549-Edit 5D3_97145D3_9714 5D3_98025D3_9802 5D3_99255D3_9925 5D3_99215D3_9921

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Confederation Park Ottawa Photo Photographer Photography Rideau Canal engagement love portraiture professional photographers wedding Mon, 30 Nov 2015 02:06:09 GMT
Kate and George The Notre-Dame Cathedral Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photography What a beautiful day I spent with Kate, George and their families! Ceremony held at The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa with reception at Delta Hotel. 
Enjoy a few of many great memories we have created :)

collage1collage1 5D3_61485D3_6148 IMG_1033IMG_1033 IMG_1067IMG_1067 IMG_1074IMG_1074 5D3_63935D3_6393 5D3_64915D3_6491 5D3_66035D3_6603 5D3_66065D3_6606 5D3_65595D3_6559 5D3_65785D3_6578 5D3_67395D3_6739 5D3_80485D3_8048 IMG_1109IMG_1109 IMG_1118IMG_1118 5D3_67825D3_6782 5D3_68325D3_6832 5D3_69645D3_6964 IMG_1156IMG_1156 5D3_70045D3_7004 5D3_69965D3_6996 5D3_71355D3_7135 5D3_72215D3_7221 5D3_73715D3_7371 5D3_74485D3_7448 5D3_74245D3_7424 5D3_74345D3_7434 5D3_77545D3_7754 5D3_7880-Edit5D3_7880-Edit 5D3_79255D3_7925 5D3_78955D3_7895 5D3_79485D3_7948 5D3_7961-Edit5D3_7961-Edit 5D3_80075D3_8007 5D3_80235D3_8023 5D3_80295D3_8029 collage2collage2 IMG_1364IMG_1364 IMG_1526IMG_1526 5D3_84765D3_8476 5D3_84875D3_8487 5D3_85155D3_8515 5D3_85985D3_8598 5D3_86825D3_8682 5D3_87635D3_8763 5D3_86295D3_8629 IMG_1427IMG_1427 5D3_88945D3_8894 5D3_89565D3_8956 5D3_89905D3_8990 5D3_90935D3_9093 5D3_91355D3_9135 5D3_88745D3_8874

]]> (Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Exclusive Moment Photography) Blog Delta Hotel wedding Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica Ottawa Photo Photography bride ceremony church groom love portrature professional photographers wedding wedding photographer Fri, 06 Nov 2015 18:26:50 GMT
Happy Halloween! - Ottawa Family Photographer I had a perfect picture in my mind but Edward apparently did have other feeling about it :)

Here are some photos during our session

Edward's first Halloween.

5D3_34935D3_3493 5D3_35185D3_3518 5D3_34945D3_3494 5D3_35105D3_3510

5D3_35315D3_3531 5D3_35205D3_3520 5D3_35475D3_3547 5D3_35545D3_3554 5D3_35635D3_3563 5D3_35685D3_3568

Superman in action! All monsters where defeated :)

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E + K engaged - Ottawa Wedding Photographer Can't wait to shoot these guys wedding coming February! Can't stop thinking about all memories we will create with winter background :) 

We picked Experimental Farm in Ottawa for engagement photos. Love that we got all the blooming trees for our background.

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