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What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot
You've selected a photographer, set a date, and now one big question remains…WHAT TO WEAR!? Clients ask me this all the time so I thought I would put a post together with suggestions on what to wear during a family photo shoot. This is by no means the end all be all guide, but rather a few tricks and tips that I have found translate into really great looking images.

Don't wear matching clothes.
Some people like this look where everyone is in the same shirt and khaki pants. And in some instances this may work. But most of the time it can make the photo look dated and flat. Instead…

Pick a color palette to work with.
Select two or three colors that you love. I normally start with one patterned clothing item that has a nice color palette to work with. Then I select clothing items for everyone else in that palette. Not everyone has to wear every color. Mom can wear a shirt that has one of the colors while dad wears a jacket with two of the colors. A color palette is just a great way to have a clear vision of the look you are going for.

Don't wear all white.
Again there are times when this works, but typically I suggest not wearing all white. Color brings so much life and dimension to the photos. Also wearing all white can sometimes wash people out.

Accessories are awesome.
Scarfs, hats, and jewelry are great ways to add to an outfit and give your images more visual interest.

Be comfortable.
It shows in your photos when your husband is wearing an outfit that makes him feel awkward. It is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, that you feel like yourself in. Yes you want everyone to look good, to look stylish. But most importantly you want images that scream, “YEP! That's my family.”


Pick a color palette to work with: