My name is Julia Bright and like anyone else, I am defined by many things: I am a wife, daughter, and friend; I love to travel and I appreciate all the good things in life. But, above all, I am a photographer.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, into a family of circus artists, I was raised in a very creative environment. My grandfather had a passion for photography and cinematography and my father, following him, was a photography enthusiast. Growing up in such a household, I developed respect for visual art which only deepened as I began my studies at a Ukrainian art school.

Although I’d been tinkering around with cameras since late childhood, my first serious attempt at photography was in 2004, using my father’s old digital Canon 10D. I was living in Canada by then and I was in love with the beautiful Canadian landscape; my early subjects include nature, flowers, and animals, along with friends and events. I continued studying art, attending various classes and workshops in Canada, New York, and Tel Aviv.

To my delight, I received positive feedback and praise about my photos! Friends who I had photographed began queuing up for more, engaging me for photo-shoots and important events. And I began to understand that photography can be more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, and, if you have the passion and talent, a profession.

My cultural and familial roots, education within the European school of photography, as well as the artistic influence of various photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson and Yervant, have combined within me into a unique and distinctive photographic approach. I am also an upbeat and sensitive person. Work with me and I will put all the effort, skill, and love I possess into the production of your photos.